About VIP Check international

VIP Check international was conceived by Professor Hans-Peter Graf in 1986 as the Freiburg Ethics Commission International was told by trial subjects that there was a list of telephone numbers spanning all of Europe, from Sweden to Spain, and that with the help of this list trial subjects were able to travel from institution to institution, or from clinical study to clinical study. This so called trial subject tourism was then estimated to lie between 1% and 10%. An institution that is independent of clinical research was formed to eliminate this trial subject tourism!

VIP Check international took up its work for clinical research in 1990 and has been successfully active ever since then. Of course, the VIP Check services were reviewed and reworked on a regular basis, and sometimes the VIP Check program even had to be rewritten to keep up with the latest developments in IT technology. While the first checks of repeat participation by trial subjects were conducted with teletext machines, today VIP Check international uses the internet as a medium.

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